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Insert Witty Introduction Here

Having just finished an introduction speech for my Public Speaking class, I figured I’d go ahead and say it all again… more or less, since nobody told me to make this two minutes long. Okay- introduce myself, tell you all why I’m at UMW and relate the family miltary history. Can do.

So I’m a freshman, just like everyone else in this class, and at the moment I’m planning on double majoring in German and Historic Presentation. I’ve been a history nut pretty much forever- I went to my first Civil War reenactment long before I was a year old and I can’t really remember a time that I wasn’t into history. On a slightly less academic topic (though only slightly, I suppose) I spent last year in Latvia  (This country, here- where I was an exchange student. Should you ever get the chance to study abroad, I highly recommend it. Despite the fact that I didn’t get on so well with my first host family, I had an absolutely amazing time- I was the first exchange student to be placed in my tiny little town, Ozolnieki, and I have to admit that it got a little weird sometimes. Like the time my host parents found out third hand that I didn’t own a scarf. Or the time my friend Vēsma asked whether we have rain in the US. I said no (What would you have said?) and they all believed it. They offered to take me outside to feel the rain. Good times, to be sure. I left with the ability to speak Latvian and an almost fangirlish fondness for the group Cosmos, who I got to see in concert in Rīga. It was possibly the best day of exchange.

Anyway, having told you just the barest bit about myself I’ll move on to something academic- this class and this college. I’m in this class because I’m so into Military History. That there’s actually a whole semester long class devoted to this topic just seemed like too good a chace to pass up- I spent High School waiting for the chance to take classes on stuff that actually interested me, so here I am. The cool thing is, this isn’t a part of the military experience that I’ve read much about, and I’m looking forward to getting a new perspective on the people I research and what their experience might have been like post-war.

A little more broadly, I’m at Mary Washington for a handfull of reasons. One is the campus, which is gorgeous, and another is the Historic Preservation program. Despite never having been that into architecture before, I’m really excited about my Historic Pres class this semester. I love that Mary Washington is such a small school. It’s easy to find my way around and I don’t feel like I’m getting lost in the crowd in classes. So far, so good as far as my expectations are concerned. And as somebody pointed out in my Public Speaking class this morning, everyone just seems so darned nice!

Last prompt- According to Mom and Dad, we have several veterans in the family. The ones I know the most about fought in the Civil War, during which I had family on both sides of the conflict. In fact, my several-greats grandfather, Benjamin Austin, is buried just down the street in the cemetary at Fredericksburg Battlefield.

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