The Cloud Side of the Silver Lining

Up until now we’ve been talking about how much better things were going for veterans at this stage in history- how they were treated better than veterans of earlier wars and how things were looking up.

These chapters are like the asterisk at the end of that statement.

In the first chapter, we read about the experiences of female veterans, and basically what I got from this was that they were expected to go back to cleaning the kitchen and having kids while the men went back to work. This seems not to have been an entirely popular choice, and on top of that, female veterans were not even treated as veterans of a war. Their mental health problems were not taken seriously by professionals in that area, and they were not afforded the same consideration as male veterans by veterans groups.

The next chapter, about veterans who were racial minorities, is about as cheerful. Again, these veterans were facing serious discrimination. One thing that was on a more positive note, however, is the way in which some of them worked together for more positive goals. One great example of that would be the Hispanic veterans group in Texas which worked for improved education in their areas.

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2 Responses to “The Cloud Side of the Silver Lining”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Isn’t it frustrating the way women were expected to return to traditional roles of housewife and mother? They did so much during the war that should have changed society’s perception of women, and yet when the men came home, it was almost as if women never did anything. Although women were actually more effected by mental illness following WWII, they did not receive the same treatment as male veterans.

  2. dchacona Says:

    It would be really frustrating to uncover these new skills and qualities that come with service and be expected to not use them when you return home. I also agree that chapters 4-6 was like an asterisk because this proved that the assimilation process was not perfectly done by the VA.