Born On The 4th Of July

This book includes some seriously heavy content… I think we’ve gotten just the tip of the iceberg as far as the experiences of Vietnam veterans are concerned, but so far we’re already getting a look at some of the things veterans of that war went through.

One thing which really stuck out for me is the sub-par conditions in which he lived while in the hospital. It’s a pretty graphic description, and he’s fairly explicit about his thoughts and feelings during this stressful time. It’s quite an eye opener, even though I think we’ve all kind of got this view of the Vietnam era as the absolute low point for American veterans. As intense as I am kind of expecting this book to be, I’m very interested in learning more about this.

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2 Responses to “Born On The 4th Of July”

  1. ttashner Says:

    I agree that we have just scratched the tip of the experiences that we will learn about in Vietnam, and I am excited as well to learn about it more in depth, especially since I have never learned that much about the war in past history classes. I was shocked to read about the disgusting conditions in which the veterans lived in the hospitals after coming back from the war. I can’t understand how the US government could possibly have allowed that to happen so late in our history after learning their lessons from WWI and II. I like this book because of its intensity, which makes it more real and personal almost.

  2. dchacona Says:

    I also like the intensity of this book. The last couple of the pages were crazy and expressed what exactly was going through his mind during boot camp.