Born On The Fourth Of July part 2

This was a pretty intense read. I didn’t know much about the Vietnam war or what went on there, and although I wasn’t surprised particularly by anything I read, it was still kind of difficult to read about such terrible things in such detail. It’s also difficult to see what happens through the eyes of someone who was there and who participated in these events.

I’m wasn’t sure at first that I understood the part about him shooting the guy from Georgia, and it was really confusing when he alluded to the incident earlier in the book without explaining it until much later, but that is a particularly tragic chapter. I am still not sure whether he actually shot that guy or not, though it’s clear that he believes he did. But while he’s certain in the beginning, he seems to try and talk himself out of it until he talks to his Major who kind of absolves him of guilt, real or imagined.

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  1. cbrady Says:

    It is difficult to read the events that Kovic discusses in his book. He tries to get his story out and inform people about the Vietnam War, but sometimes reading the book is too difficult and it wont inform anyone! As many books as we read for this class, I can never truly understand what the soldiers went through. I read their experiences, their feelings, their pain, and yet it is still to hard for me to grasp the situation.