Oliver Twist Wants More

And why shouldn’t he?

I was actually discussing this whole topic in the car with my Dad the other day (I went home over the weekend) and so now I have plenty to say about it. I haven’t finished all the reading yet, as of this posting, but I always pick a specific aspect to talk about, something that catches my interest, and tonight I’m going to post about the chapter on Agent Orange. I mean, there’s no other view of this whole catastrophe that you can take than the view that the VA really let down the people they were supposed to be protecting and supporting. It’s absolutely unbelievable that they would ignore the research¬†being done and hire biased employees, and accuse the media of creating the idea of Agent Orange caused illnesses.

I believe what I’m reading, but it’s absolutely incredible that they would do so little after all their promises and especially in the face of what Vietnam veterans were going through. The VA at this point seems to mirror the rest of the society of that day in their treatment of veterans. As society looked down on them and treated them badly, so did the VA. Society was not providing them with jobs, while the VA did not provide them with pensions to make up the lack. Society was not concerned with their problems, on the whole, and¬† blamed them for problems they had like drug addiction and PTSD which were war related, not caused by the veterans themselves, and the VA seems essentially to be doing the same thing, and leaving the veterans to take care of these problems entirely by themselves.

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2 Responses to “Oliver Twist Wants More”

  1. cgfsem Says:

    The other issue is how do you fight a government? We were talking about this in my sociology class, and when someone breaks the law, it’s obvious. But, government crimes are harder to prove and often involve law loop holes.

  2. dchacona Says:

    I think that public opinion is really the deciding factor in what gets done in Government. The public didn’t see it as that big of a problem and they let the VA get away with it.