One thing that struck me as weird in this reading was the idea of ‘homecoming’ parades in the 80’s.¬†I realize the idea is ‘better late than never’ but I feel like that’s a really awkward attempt at making things right. I wonder whether that doesn’t do more harm than good, the way a consolation prize for second place¬†sometimes doesn’t feel as good as it ought to. Like, you’re being given just enough to shut you up so that the real winners can get on with their celebration. And then, I’m sure that the politicians who arranged these were patting themselves on the back like they’d made up for all the mistreatment these veterans had gone through and had given them real recognition.

Now, the Vietnam Memorial is great and in the case of monuments like that I really don’t think we can fault them for waiting until the 80’s to put them up’, in some cases. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that monuments would not go up the minute a conflict ended. Being from the DC area, I’ve visited the Vietnam Memorial several times, most recently and memorably on an AP Government field trip and it was a really beautiful, solemn memorial to those who served in Vietnam. Just my two cents there.

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