Hi everyone!

Better fill this in before someone (else?) decides to take a look and discovers I’d totally forgotten this page. So my name’s Rebecca and I’ve started this blog as an assignment for my Freshman Seminar, which is called ‘When Americans Came Marching Home’. It’s a¬†great class and I’m having a lot of fun with the blog aspect. Just go watch that Mr. Show video, you’ll see what I mean.

A little more about me- I’m 19 (just barely) and I’m from Northern VA. I speak German and Latvian and usually daydream about wining the lottery and traveling. In reality… I’ll probably get a job. I spend too much time on Facebook, I reenact the Civil War on as many weekends as possible and I’m planning to major in Historic Preservation and German. I’m currently procrastinating on reading ‘Der Schimmelreiter’ for my German lit class, but since I have another 90 minutes until German starts, I figure I’ll get it done in time.

Hope you all enjoy the blog!


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